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          Routine Health Exams:

We offer routine annual health exams for dogs and cats. A few of the common services include: vaccinations, fecal exams, toenail clipping, heartworm, and feline leukemia/FIV testing.

          Kitten / Puppy Exams:

We recommend that new puppies and kittens have a thorough health exam. We offer a complete physical exam with nutritional and behavioral consultation. We want your new pet to be a healthy and happy addition to your family.

          Illness Exams:

We examine dogs and cats for major and minor medical problems. Our goal is to maintain all pets health and prolong their enjoyment of life.

          Senior Wellness Exams:

As your pet becomes a senior (seven and older), we offer a comprehensive physical exam. Additional testing is available if needed.


Our procedures include ultrasonic scaling (cleaning), polishing, fluoride treatments, and extractions if needed. Dental counseling and products are available.

          Surgical Services:

Our surgical services include routine, non-routine, and orthopedic procedures. Non-emergency surgeries are performed by appointment only.


Radiological diagnostic services are available.

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